HPS140 Handheld HPS140 Icons
Oscilloscope 40MS/s real time
High Sensitivity: 0,1 mV!
Audio Power Measurement in 2Ω, 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω & 32Ω
Digital Voltage Meter
Recorder Function
Signal Markers
NiMH rechargeable Battery Inside
Full Auto Set-up Function
Hold & Store Function


HPS140i: Your favorite HPS140, with probes, ready to use.

HPS140 Front view 40ms Real Time
Small74 x 114 x 29mm / 2.9 x 4.5 x 1.14"
Lightweight200g (7oz)
Real-time sampling rateUp to 40MS/s
NiMH rechargeable battery pack6 hours of charge*
Charging power supply9Vdc/200mA
Input range1mV...20V/division (in 14 steps)
Input couplingDC, AC and GND
ReadoutsDC, AC+DC,True RMS, dBm, Vpp, Min-Max. (±2.5%)
Time base250ns to 1h per division
Probe x10 readout option
Bandwidth:Up to 10 MHz (-3dB or -4dB at selected ranges)
AD resolution8 bits
Auto set-up function (or manual)
Hold & store function
Time and Voltage markers readout
Range:Max. 100Vp AC+DC
BacklightWhite LED backlight



What is the HPS140?

Briefly explains the power of this small oscilloscope. A walk thru the features and specifications

Installing the battery

In some versions the battery must be installed by the user. This video shows how to install the battery inside the unit.

User menu demo

Shows the different menus that can be called to set up the oscilloscope. Kind of a short form manual.

Measuring "How To"

Shows how easy it is to perform measurements, using the auto-set function. Demo shows how the measure a 9V battery block and how to display the internal test signal.


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